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Koïos Intelligence Takes Part in the Technological Development of North Africa

Koïos has just signed a partnership agreement with the Bizerte 2050 Association which is leading a large-scale smart city project, one of the first in North Africa. This program has spinoffs in terms of social inclusion, governance, local economy, and community. It will create jobs for more than 70,000 people.

Koïos will play an important role in the years to come in the AI technology transfer that will enable several components of the smart-city project. Koïos is already planning to open its first offices in Tunisia in the first quarter of 2018 thus asserting its presence in North Africa.

Through this partnership, we are now in communication with major African industrial groups who are enthusiastically interested in knowing more about the technological impact that Artificial Intelligence could have on their line of business, and how they can use it to increase their profitability.  ”What is wonderful is that the technology transfer in the Tunisian industry and Africa, in general, could be less demanding and faster than that in North America since they have not inherited a decades-old IT systems and structures. We are having discussions with our partners in Africa and the Middle East in order to globalize the company. The modernization of the insurance industry would be our first priority.” M. Hanini said, CEO and co-founder of Koïos intelligence .

Koïos Launches its Scientific Community 

We are very excited to announce the launch of our scientific community at Koïos. This scientific advisory board is composed of academic leaders in their fields of expertise such as optimization, simulation, risk management, insurance, quantitative finance and actuarial science from leading universities around the world. Building upon this network, we define ourselves as a technology transfer company that facilitates partnerships that bridge the gap between academia and industry through technology transfer projects.

Our scientific board is composed by 8 professors and postdoctoral fellows expert in their field:

  • Felisa Vázquez-Abad, Phd,  City University of New York (CUNY)
  • Alain Tapp, Phd, MILA
  • Hibord Assa, PhD, Liverpool Institute
  • Maciej Augustyniak, PhD, University Of Montreal
  • Louis Doray, PhD, University Of Montreal
  • Andreas Tsanakas, PhD, CASS Business School of the University of London
  • Mamadou Thiongane, PhD, Cheikh Anta Diop University
  • Wyean Chan, PhD, University of Montreal

Our mission is to tackle the most important challenges in the insurance and banking industries will face in the next few years as the world keeps gearing towards a data driven paradigm.  Koïos is already part of this revolution and is committed to being a major factor in the development of the next generation of technology through.

“We are going to train the next generation of scientists and quants in actuarial science, finance, and insurance, and prepare them for the new reality of the near future where talent trained and highly-skilled in AI methodology will be needed” M. Hanini said.

New R&D Lab 

Koïos recently moved their research and development activities to new offices at École Polytechnique, the engineering school of University of Montreal. Our R&D team now has a laboratory in a strategic location on campus right next to the Samsung Lab and the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA).

Our new location allows our researchers to remain connected to the scientific activity on campus with access to experts in machine learning, operations research, mathematics, statistics, actuarial and financial mathematics and optimization. In addition, our staff will have the opportunity to grow within the Centre d’Entrepreneuriat de Poly-UdeM, one of the most dynamic startup ecosystem in Montreal. 

In such privileged location, our team not only stays close to our academic partners, but it will be part of a dynamic ecosystem that hosts for instance leading projects such as the Samsung Research Lab. This creates a synergy that brings brings creative people together thus facilitating knowledge and technology for our partners.

Our main offices remain located in downtown Montreal where we continue to carry our business development in proximity to major financial institutions.

What’s Next? 

Get ready, we will launch a brand new website soon and we are looking to further boost office space in Montreal. Stay in touch with us for our latest news and career opportunities! 

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