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Is expertise in finance essential for developing new “AI” technologies in this industry?

As a co-founder of Koïos Intelligence, obviously my answer to this question is positive.
As an illustration, let us ask the following question:
Would you entrust the construction of a robotic clinic to an architect or would you entrust it to a doctor architect?
Would you entrust the surgery of your hand to a family doctor or an orthopedic surgeon?
At the moment, with the technological revolution brought by immense data sets and developments in artificial intelligence, financial institutions have to face a similar question. For example, a combined data science and treasury expert will not only be able to deliver the requested calculation tools, but will also be able to adapt it to his institution so that, in the end, it is not rejected by the users.
At Koïos Intelligence, we have this specialized expertise and we also develop our own tools, such as the Olivo app.
Thanks to a combined expertise in insurance and artificial intelligence, Olivo is designed to bring together the entire insurance industry for policyholders, brokers and insurers. Our expert architect and CEO Mohamed Hanini along with our team and our scientific community were able to design the whole ecosystem behind this project, again, giving us an example of what the combination of expertise and hybrid profiles, in a small team of creators, can generate.
After 22 years in the industry, my dreams, as a young risk manager who wanted to help improve the performance of institutions and reach their goals, are finally achieved through technology. God knows what the future holds in the next two years, but I am very happy to experience it from the front row. 
We will be at the Canada Forum Fintech in Montreal this October 30 and 31st, please come visit us in section L at the Palais des Congrès.
David Stréliski, co-founder, Chairman of the Board and Head of consulting. 
To find out more about what can be done with combined expertise:

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