Our scientific community

The scientific advisory board is composed of academic leaders in their fields of expertise such as optimization, simulation, risk management, insurance, quantitative finance and actuarial science from leading universities around the world. Building upon this network, we define ourselves as a technology transfer company that facilitates partnerships that bridge the gap between academia and industry through technology transfer projects.

Our mission is to tackle the most important challenges the insurance and banking industries will face in the next few years as the world keeps gearing towards a data-driven paradigm. Koïos is already part of this revolution and is committed to being a major player in the development of the next generation of intelligent systems.

“We are going to train the next generation of scientists and quants in actuarial science, finance, insurance and prepare them for the new reality where highly-skilled talent trained in AI methodology will be needed.”

Mohamed Hanini, CEO of Koïos Intelligence

Meet our scientific community

Fabian Bastin
Fabian BastinProfessor, Université de Montréal
Alain Tapp
Alain TappProfessor, Artificial Intelligence, University of Montreal
Andreas Tsanakas
Andreas TsanakasReader, CASS Business School, University of London
Daniel Dufresne
Daniel DufresneProfessor, University of Montreal
Frédéric Godin
Frédéric GodinProfessor, Concordia University
Felisa Vázquez-Abad
Felisa Vázquez-AbadExecutive Director, Institute for Computer Simulation
Hirbod Assa
Hirbod AssaProfessor, Liverpool Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
Maciej Augustyniak
Maciej AugustyniakProfessor, University of Montreal
Louis G. Doray
Louis G. DorayProfessor, University of Montreal
Mamadou Thiongane
Mamadou ThionganeProfessor, Cheikh Anta Diop University
Tien Mai Ph.D.
Tien Mai Ph.D.Postdoct at UdeM
Wyean Chan
Wyean ChanPostdoctoral fellow, University of Montreal