About Koïos

Innovation and Creativity Enhanced by Experience

Founded in 2017, Koïos Intelligence’s mission is to empower the insurance and financial industry with the next generation of intelligent and customized systems that are supported by Artificial Intelligence, statistics and operational research. Combining the knowledge of our lead experts in Insurance, Finance and Artificial Intelligence, Koïos is developing new technologies that redefine the interactions between insurers, brokers and customers.

Our expertise

Our company is firmly rooted on an experienced multidisciplinary research team with combined expertise lying at the intersection of mathematics, operations research and computer science. Our business model builds upon three pillars:

AI Technology

We engineer solutions in Natural Language Processing at every layer of the AI pipeline. From the architecture and training of models to the optimization methods for efficient learning, we strive for innovation and performance.

Analytics & Knowledge Transfer

Our goal is to build innovative and customized applications to meet our partners’ needs in Artificial Intelligence by turning all interactions into business value.

AI as a Service

Our focus is to assist our clients on the development and refinement of their existing models and procedures. Unlike traditional consulting services, we seek to generate joint intellectual property with our partners creating value from artificial intelligence applications.


Mohamed Hanini, Ph. D. (c)
Mohamed Hanini, Ph. D. (c)CEO & Founder
Christian Dufour
Christian DufourActing Senior Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships
François Dufour
François DufourVice-President, Business Development
Marie-Ève Fortin
Marie-Ève FortinActuarial Services Advisor
Manuel Morales, Ph. D.
Manuel Morales, Ph. D.Co-Founder & Board Member
Mahmoud Babay
Mahmoud BabayDirector of Finance
Tal Ennifar
Tal EnnifarDirector of Business Development
Germain Denoncourt
Germain DenoncourtActuarial Services, P&C Insurance Advisor
Lamia Jafaar
Lamia JafaarSenior Applied Researcher
Aziz Raymond
Aziz RaymondSenior Applied Researcher
Maxime Clerk-Lamalice
Maxime Clerk-LamaliceIT Advisor
Fabian Bastin
Fabian BastinScientific Advisor
Azza Djemel
Azza DjemelData Analyst
Trong Nguyen
Trong NguyenAI Developer
Antoine Charbonneau
Antoine CharbonneauStrategic Sales Advisor
Mohamed Aymen
Mohamed AymenMachine Learning Advisor
Hermes Nicolas Cornejo
Hermes Nicolas CornejoInsurance Advisor
Antoine Pelegrin
Antoine PelegrinMachine Learning Engineer
Elise Benoit
Elise BenoitData Scientist
Adam Hamdan
Adam HamdanPartnerships Lead
Lifeng Wan
Lifeng WanAI Developer
Valentin Gourdeau
Valentin GourdeauData Scientist
Pier-Etienne Duguay
Pier-Etienne DuguayData Scientist
Nouha Hamdi
Nouha HamdiLinguist
Walid Ayech
Walid AyechData Scientist
Ghada Turki
Ghada TurkiData Scientist
Vassili Korotkine
Vassili KorotkineData Scientist
Chekib Gmati
Chekib GmatiSenior Data Scientist
Gaëlle Bagalwa
Gaëlle BagalwaBusiness Analyst
Mehdi Bachar
Mehdi BacharData Scientist

Board members

Mouna Saaied
Mouna SaaiedExecutive Director, APTBEF
Philippe Bélanger
Philippe BélangerPartner, McCarthy Tétrault
Kais Elloumi
Kais ElloumiDirector, Business Development and Financial Strategies, ELLOUMI Group
Sylvie Giguère
Sylvie GiguèreVice President, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Canada
Michel Hebert
Michel HebertVP Research & Development, Optimum Réassurance inc.