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We manage interactions between insurers, brokers and their customers with intelligent systems.

Our focus is to speed up your insurance business with tailored products that streamline the pre-sale and the sale processes. While your employees concentrate their energy to manage tasks that are essential to meet your company's growth target.

We drive our customers to turn their data into business value by applying interdisciplinary technology from fields such as mathematics, statistics, operations research, optimization and artificial intelligence to solve real world problems for businesses and industry.

Olivo platform

Our platform Olivo is built for insurance customers with the purpose to eliminate the waiting time, reduce the operational costs, and offer an unprecedented customer experience. Based on Natural Language Processing and the state of the art Artificial Intelligence, Olivo is made to respond to new customer expectations in today's digital world.

Optical Character Recognition

Our Optical Character Recognition software is able to extract handwriting and print information from any digital contracts while being invariant to noises that can alter the digital image of the document as well as the change in positioning and scale of the content.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Our team has hands-on experience in managing and delivering AI solutions based on machine learning methods and in particular Natural Language Processing & Image processing.