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About Koïos

Founded in 2017, Koïos Intelligence’s mission is to empower the financial industry with the next generation of intelligent and customized systems that are supported by AI, statistics, and operational research. Combining the knowledge of their lead experts in finance and in AI, Koïos is developing new technologies that redefines the insurance and financial sector and improves customer experience. The fast growing Montreal based firm has developed many projects in collaboration with large financial institutions in Canada, Europe and North Africa and is currently leading the AI aspect of Bizerte’ smart city challenge.

About Olivo

Olivo is an intelligent application enabling the centralization and digitization of the insurance industry in a single tool, offering the consumer a greater variety of products and a unique experience by streamlining the underwriting and claims processes for all types of insurance. Olivo is the future of insurance apps, as it will truly benefit clients, brokers and insurers alike.


Our company is firmly rooted on an experienced multidisciplinary research team with combined expertise lying at the intersection of mathematics, operations research and computer science. Our business model builds upon three pillars:

  • AI Technology

    We engineer solutions at every layer of the AI pipeline. From the architecture and training of models to the optimization methods for efficient learning, we strive for innovation and performance.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Our goal is to build innovative and customized applications to meet our partners’ needs in artificial intelligence by transferring technology from the fields of mathematics, statistics, operations research and optimization. This is achieved through collaborative research projects bridging our partners needs with our network of university research collaborators thus streamlining the knowledge transfer process.

  • Collaborative Consulting

    Our focus is to assist our clients on the development and refinement of their existing models and procedures. Unlike traditional consulting services, we seek to generate joint intellectual property with our partners creating value from artificial intelligence applications.


Customer Experience

We optimize efficiency of call centers, by developing specialized chatbots or analyzing “sentiment” type data, including emotional recognition, in order to generate better client retention

Anomaly Detection

Based on real time data analysis on big data sets we identify, report and correct errors more quickly and efficiently using state-of-the-art machine learning technology

Quantitative Finance

We improve quantitative models to optimize premiums, pricing or risk metrics by accelerating calculation methods or using new types of data in our models.


We designed and developed Olivo, to empower insurance consumers on all their needs while benefiting brokers and insurers

We automate client interactions with their financial institutions by identifying their needs via customized chatbots

We identify trading processing errors before they contaminate the whole bank data

We enrich pricing and risk models for insurance products with non-traditional data that allow us to potentially create a more complete picture of individual behavior

We guide call center agents to provide a better service by transforming voice into structured data to recognize emotions and improve quality of client interactions

Founders & Executive team

Mohamed Hanini, Ph. D. (c)

Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist
Mohamed serves North American and global companies in the financial services. His areas of expertise include quantitative trading and risk management using Machine Learning, Stochastic simulation and Optimization for computation acceleration based on quasi-Monte Carlo techniques.
Mohamed has done over 10 years of research and development in statistical learning, quantitative finance and operations research. He taught for 7 years at the University of Montreal several actuarial and risk management courses such as life insurance, property and casualty insurance, statistics, financial mathematics and risk management.

David Stréliski, M.Sc., CFA

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
Before joining Koios, David was the Chief Risk Officer and Global Head of Technology for Fiera Capital Corporation, a global asset manager. He has 22 years of experience in risk management, asset management, treasury management and technology optimization with large financial institutions and consulting firms in Canada and Europe. David was also one of the founders of the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA) as elected global board member for 8 years and regional director for Montreal for 15 years.

Marie-Pierre HABAS-GERARD, Ph. D.

Member of the Board and CDO
Marie-Pierre has teamed up with Mohamed Hanini and David Stréliski as Chief Delivery Officer. After 20 years in consulting as Account Manager for international firms in Europe, United States and Canada, Marie-Pierre has joined Koios for sharing her experience of IT projects and High End Consulting as well as her academic knowledge in Fundamental Research.
Marie-Pierre has developed an international network in Finance, is involved in the Montreal IT Women's community and is passionate about the development of artificial intelligence and its impact on society.

Manuel Morales, Ph. D.

Co-founder & Board Member
As a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics of the University of Montreal and the Chief AI Scientist of National Bank of Canada, he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience in collaborative research projects in partnership with key industry players. He has experience leading collaborative technology transfer projects in algorithmic trading, market micro-structure modeling, energy markets and automation in quantitative finance through machine learning.

Our team

Pierre Janho

Chief Technology Officer (Dubaï Office)
Pierre worked for IBM for over 35 years - 16 years in Lebanon and 17 years in Dubai before working for Saudi Business Machines (SBM) and Gulf Business Machines (GBM) . As CTO, he delivered many pre- and post-sale hardware and software solutions for large Businesses in Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan & Central Africa. Pierre has a B. Sc. diploma in Electronic Engineering. His research interests are principally focused towards robotics and artificial intelligence.

Georges Kaldany

Business Partner
Georges spent over 35 years in the Tech industry where he held multiple management positions. Prior to working as VP and managing partner for OmniTech Gulf and OmniTech Holding where he managed the IBM and Lenovo brands through their entities in UAE, Qatar and Oman, he held many general management positions in Gulf Business Machines (GBM) and IBM. Georges has an engineering diploma from École Supérieure d'électricité – Paris and a DEA in Computer Science from Université Claude Bernard – Lyon.
We count on a dynamic and multidisciplinary team composed of experienced scientists and seasoned consultants in the fields of mathematics, statistics, economics, computer science, operations research, quantitative finance and risk management dedicated to innovate through artificial intelligence technology and to develop business analytics solutions and automation for Today's businesses.

Our Scientific Community