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About Koïos

Founded in 2017, Koïos Intelligence’s mission is to empower the insurance and financial industry with the next generation of intelligent and customized systems that are supported by AI, statistics, and operational research. Combining the knowledge of their lead experts in insurance, in finance and Artificial Intelligence, Koïos is developing new technologies that redefine the interactions between insurers, brokers, and their customers.

About Olivo

Our voice-enabled platform Olivo is built for insurance customers with the purpose to eliminate the waiting time, reduce the operational costs, and offer an unprecedented customer experience.

Our Expertise

Our company is firmly rooted on an experienced multidisciplinary research team with combined expertise lying at the intersection of mathematics, operations research and computer science. Our business model builds upon three pillars:

  • AI Technology

    We engineer solutions in Natural Language Processing at every layer of the AI pipeline. From the architecture and training of models to the optimization methods for efficient learning, we strive for innovation and performance. Our insurance platform Olivo is already deployed in Google Cloud.

  • Analytics and Knowledge Transfer

    Our goal is to build innovative and customized applications to meet our partners’ needs in artificial intelligence by turning all the interactions in real-time between their customers and the Olivo platform into business value.

  • AI as a Service

    Our focus is to assist our clients on the development and refinement of their existing models and procedures. Unlike traditional consulting services, we seek to generate joint intellectual property with our partners creating value from artificial intelligence applications.

What we do?

Dialogue Systems

We accelerate the underwriting and claim processes and improve the efficiency of call centers, by developing customized conversational AI platforms.


Based on real-time interactions, our platform is able to report all the qualified leads, fill out the insurance forms, and assess the user experience using state-of-the-art machine learning technologies.

Quantitative Finance

We improve quantitative models to optimize premiums, pricing or risk metrics by accelerating calculation methods or using new types of data in our models.


We designed and developed Olivo, to empower insurance consumers on all their needs while benefiting brokers and insurers.

We automate client interactions with their financial institutions by identifying their needs via customized chatbots.

We identify trading processing errors before they contaminate the whole bank data.

We enrich pricing and risk models for insurance products with non-traditional data that allow us to potentially create a more complete picture of individual behavior.

We guide call center agents to provide a better service by transforming voice into structured data to recognize emotions and improve quality of client interactions.

Founders & Executive team

Mohamed Hanini, Ph. D. (c)

Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist at Koios Intelligence, leading a team of data scientists, senior developers, and Business Analysts producing AI software to tackle business needs, manage a team with hands-on experienced delivering AI solutions.
Expert in computational mathematics, operational research, and accelerated computing building random generators software, Mohamed has spent more than 13 years in research and development on statistical learning and quantitative finance. It was by making effective links between his various fields of interest and research that he had the idea of creating Koios and helping the financial industry. His areas of expertise include insurance, quantitative finance, statistical learning, stochastic simulation, and accelerated computing. He has also taught for seven years at the Université de Montréal several courses in actuarial science, statistics, and quantitative finance, including life insurance, property and casualty insurance, statistics, financial derivatives, and risk management.

Jean-Alexandre Bernier

Director of Operations
Jean-Alexandre is a specialist in innovation in the financial sector. Prior to joining the Koïos team, he acted as a senior strategy consultant for major Canadian banks, insurance companies and pension funds. He is recognized for his ability to help his clients innovate through the development of new platforms, distribution channels and business models. His analytical skills, business acumen and sense of development opportunities make him a trusted partner for executives. As Director of Operations, he contributes to the development and growth of Koïos. He holds an MBA from Oxford University (Said Business School).

Marie-Ève Fortin, FSA FCIA

Director Actuarial Services and consulting member of the Board
Marie-Ève holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Montreal. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries. She is a passionate and proactive actuary. Over the years, she has demonstrated her leadership. Her professional experience was built mainly in the field of pension plans. Her areas of expertise include administration, funding, accounting, pension plan design as well as investment of pension funds and foundations. She now uses her experience in consulting with Koïos Intelligence.

Manuel Morales, Ph. D.

Co-founder & Board Member
As a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics of the University of Montreal and the Chief AI Scientist of National Bank of Canada, he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience in collaborative research projects in partnership with key industry players. He has experience leading collaborative technology transfer projects in algorithmic trading, market micro-structure modeling, energy markets and automation in quantitative finance through machine learning.

Board Members

Mouna Saaied

Mouna Saaied has been the Executive Director of the Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions since August 2015. Between 1998 and 2015, she held several positions of leadership with the UBCI BNPPARISBAS group, including being the Head of the Organizational Department in charge of major structural projects for the bank and the head of the Treasury Department and ALM. Graduated from IHEC carthage than IFID institute, Mouna kicked off her career as a trader at CITIBANK Tunis in 1992.

Kais Elloumi

Kais ELLOUMI is Director, Business Development and Financial Strategies of ELLOUMI Group, multinational company from Tunisia operating in more than 25 countries. He is an alumni 2005 from HEC Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance and Management. At the end of 2005, he joins the family company ELLOUMI group, heading the Distribution subsidiary, which is located in Tunisia, and manages its establishment in Morocco. In 2011, as a Director for the group subsidiary specialized in automotive cables, he led its industrial integration in Morocco, Slovakia and Brazil. He was nominated to his current position in 2018.
Kais ELLOUMI is also founding member of the TAA (Tunisian automoti ve association), and board member of YPO (Young president organization) Tunisia.

Philippe Bélanger

A Partner in the prestigious firm’s Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group since 1996, Philippe is a nationally respected lawyer. In 2017, Philippe was awarded the title Advocatus Emeritus by the Québec bar in recognition of his professional excellence and outstanding contribution to the profession. An active scholar and legal educator, Philippe has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Université de Montréal for 25 years.
Philippe is valued by Koïos not only as a strong jurist, but as a trusted business advisor. Philippe joins the board because he believes in the application Olivo and Koïos’ mission to improve the financial industry practices and services in customer care.

Sylvie Giguère

As P. Eng and MBA, Sylvie is Vice President - Enterprise Risk Intelligence, at Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Canada. With 20 years of experience in risk management and process optimization, Sylvie is a self-starter, energizing, results oriented, able to multi-task and superior problem-solving skills. She has strong communication skills and ability to synthesize complex issues and communicate clearly.

Michel Hebert

A well-rounded bilingual leader with 24 years of Canadian and international life insurance and reinsurance experience in various actuarial fields such as Pricing, Risk Management, R&D, Corporate Actuarial and Product Development. Great team-player with a strong desire to succeed, highly respected manager with a proven track record of delivering results and exceeding expectations. Recognized credibility within the organization and business partners, influential leader with clear abilities to accurately set priorities and focus on the essential while being detail-oriented with strong technical skills.

Our Scientific Community